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Aug 1

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Aug 1

You’ll pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

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The Mx Saga Episode 1

I recently changed my name and my title to Mx, well aware that this could cause some issues. 
Here’s what’s happened so far:

Co-op: Mx is on an extensive drop down list of titles when you sign up. Mx printed on the card. Zero hassle, fabulous.

Boots: They can print Mx on their cards but you can’t register with Mx. You also can’t omit a title. So I emailed them and they got me a new card with new name and title on my behalf. Feedback has apparently gone to the relevant team. 

Santander: Mx does not yet appear to be on their system and I’m having to settle with Ms in order to get the name changed. Not entirely sure how to follow that up to make sure it gets done. 

Student finance: Rang them to check if Mx would be a problem, they said they’d sort it at their end … will have to wait and see. Waiting on Santander and my University’s registry before I sort that out.

University registry: So far absolutely useless. I went to them a month ago with my deed poll. They said it would likely take about a week and that there were “legal issues” with Mx. After badgering them 2 weeks ago they said “someone’s looking into it” with no explanation of why it hasn’t been done or any indication of when it would be done. 0/10 will have to badger again. 

In the next episode of the Mx saga we will be trying HMRC and the UK Passport Office. 

E. A. Poe, "Annabel Lee"
Read by Ben Whishaw


Ben Whishaw reading “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. I’ve never heard the strange, tender, spooky heart of it quite so clearly.

(My audio edit from the Poetica podcast, “Tides.”)


my gender? its not here youll have to call back later

Might try getting my mum to refer to me as her “sprog” instead of her daughter. 

It sets me slightly on edge whenever she refers to me as my previous name, uses she/her pronouns, calls me her daughter, refers to me as a woman. 

Might also try getting her to use they/them pronouns instead. 

Actually, fuck it, might email the whole family going “this is my gender-neutral name these are my gender-neutral pronouns, use them or get corrected mid-sentence”


I’m crying


I’m crying

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